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See Your Website as Users do

The best way to learn what makes users tick is to see the web through their eyes. Imagine the experience. You might find that a user is confused by the UI that’s in front of them. Or perhaps you’d gain confidence (and a few high-fives) in seeing how quickly they can...

10 Free Tools for Maintaining Your WordPress Website

Keeping up with updates to core, plugins and themes are crucial. But there are other items that should also be kept in mind. Your site’s database, security, file structure and overall performance all should be kept in tip-top shape as well. Let’s have a look at ten...

The Latest Trends in Web Design Portfolios

The portfolio design of a web designer is an ever-evolving process of redesign after redesign. It is their portal to prospective clients and employers and thus has to, in itself, show off the web designer’s wide-range of skills while pushing the boundaries of the...


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