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10 Beautiful Examples of iOS 11 App Design

With iOS 11 having now been officially rolled out across Apple devices, we are beginning to see some beautiful examples of what can be achieved using the revised design language. Aspects such as the larger title text, heavily rounded corners, subtle shadows, and...

Beautiful Examples of Motion Design in Web Design

Motion design has seen a substantial rise to prominence within the web design industry over the last few years. Most landing pages and award-winning website designs incorporate some aspect of motion, whether that be through illustrations, video, animated GIFs, or even...

Exploring the Latest Trends in Site Navigation

Navigation is the key to a good user experience (UX). Users rely on intuitive digital navigation to locate helpful information, explore a brand’s story, and make purchasing decisions. Confusing navigation can be enough to make a user bounce or exit. As UX experts...

Stunning Examples of Interaction in Mobile App Design

Visual appeal aside, effective interaction design can lead to significant improvements in the user experience of your mobile product. Taking the iOS or Android operating systems, you can see that almost every action is executed by some type of interaction. Whether...

10 Inspirational Examples of Heavy Typography in Web Design

Heavy typography has been a prominent trend throughout 2017. With Apple first setting the initial trend on mobile with the release of iOS 10, web designers have been quick to further develop the direction in new and creative ways. As Apple continues to roll out heavy...

10 Websites That Use Stunning Product Photography

Product photography is an integral aspect of any successful product marketing or eCommerce website. The quality and style of the photography serves to entice the visitor into buying the product as well as contributing to the overall visual design of the website....

Image Optimization in Advanced Web Development

Web-quality imagery is always a balancing act between using the smallest possible file size while providing good image quality. Embedding a photo straight off your DSLR may look nice, but it will slow your website’s load to a crawl, while an over-compressed image may...

10 Great Examples of Graphs & Charts in Web Design

Graphs and charts are some of the most visually complex and difficult elements for designers to execute to a high standard. The range of different elements and requirement for cohesiveness make it all the more impressive when a great example is included in website...

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