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10 Inspiring Examples of Branding Presentation Design

10 Inspiring Examples of Branding Presentation Design

Presentations are a crucial aspect of any branding project. They allow you to present your finished designs in the best light possible, looking to make the greatest impact on the client. It also helps them to understand the direction, as well as envisage how it would...

10 Beautiful Examples of Motion Design in Mobile Apps

10 Beautiful Examples of Motion Design in Mobile Apps

Interactions are a smaller detail of mobile design but can make a tremendous difference to the overall user experience of an application. In the past few years it has become an integral part of any mobile design process. Interactions are often initiated by a tap or...

A SEO Checklist for Your WordPress Website

A SEO Checklist for Your WordPress Website

A website, no matter how amazing it looks or how great the content, isn’t worth much if people don’t know it exists. That’s why SEO generates a never-ending stream of hype. A well-optimized site is much more likely to be found through organic search. If your site has...

10 Free iOS 11 UI Kits, Mockup Templates & Icon Sets

The launch of iOS 11 has resulted in a great selection of resources being designed and released. These include iPhone X grids, full iOS 11 app designs, beautiful device mockups, app icons, and complete UI kits. Many of these have been executed to an incredibly high...

10 Beautiful Examples of iOS 11 App Design

With iOS 11 having now been officially rolled out across Apple devices, we are beginning to see some beautiful examples of what can be achieved using the revised design language. Aspects such as the larger title text, heavily rounded corners, subtle shadows, and...

Beautiful Examples of Motion Design in Web Design

Motion design has seen a substantial rise to prominence within the web design industry over the last few years. Most landing pages and award-winning website designs incorporate some aspect of motion, whether that be through illustrations, video, animated GIFs, or even...

Exploring the Latest Trends in Site Navigation

Navigation is the key to a good user experience (UX). Users rely on intuitive digital navigation to locate helpful information, explore a brand’s story, and make purchasing decisions. Confusing navigation can be enough to make a user bounce or exit. As UX experts...

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