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Whether you’re looking for a small business website, launching an online store or need a custom design, we have a website design package to suit your needs.

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Your website should be more than just a pretty online brochure. 
We create websites that increase brand awareness, engage users and create sales opportunities by building the site with your ideal customer in mind throughout the process.

Our Web Design Process

We take the time to understand your business, your online goals and how your website fits into your overall online strategy.

We’ll learn about your ideal customer, their desires, how you solve their problems and how this will be translated onto your website.

The end result will be a website strategy that provides a roadmap for the development of the site.

Here we will work with you and provide guidance, at times with the assistance of a copywriter, to develop the text that will appear on your website. This is done quite early in the process as the content will inform the layout and design of the website.

On the web content is king so it’s vital to the success of your website that your content be engaging, compelling and resonates with your end user.

During the planning phase we will develop a blueprint and technical specifications for the website.

The outcomes include a sitemap & wireframe diagrams showing the website information architecture and proposed layout.

During this phase we will work with you to define the visual direction of the site by exploring visual ideas that will best represent your brand online.

The outcome of the design phase will be a style guide and a set of high-resolution mockups that will show the final website look and feel.

During this phase we will implement on-page SEO best practices to ensure that your website meets the current SEO guidelines.
Here we transform the static mockups into a working development version of the website. During this process you will have access to view a demo version of the site with its full functionality. We’ll run the site through a quality assurance checklist to make sure that the site looks and functions the way it should. Once you’ve approved the development site it will be launched on the live domain following which we will run the site through a final post launch check.

Once the site has been handed off to you, we will provide a training session showing you and your team how to manage and edit the website content.

If you prefer that we handle the content updates
and website maintenance we’re happy to do so through a monthly website care plan.

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