Is Good Quality, Affordable Web Design a Myth?

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Finding an affordable web design service can be tricky, especially considering the fact that we associate the word ‘affordable’ with ‘low quality’ and the word ‘quality’ with ‘expensive’. The phrase “you get what you pay for” often comes to mind.

Affordable Web Design means different things to different people

The question really is what are your website requirements? For the big business that requires a huge database driven, ecommerce website with all the bells and whistles, using the latest web technologies, paying R20 000 might be affordable.

What about the budding entrepreneur who has just started his/her own business? They don’t always have the budget to spend tens of thousands on a website when all they need is a basic web presence for their business. Caution is required however when choosing a web designer as there are many companies offering bargain basement prices for websites which do not keep up with the latest web technologies and which are not very pretty to look at!

Having a website designed at a low cost does not always mean that you have to lose out on quality though. There are affordable web design solutions available, using modern web trends which are not only functional but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Before choosing a web designer it would be a good idea to look at their website and portfolio. What does their past work look like? Does their website convey a professional image? Are their any testimonials from previous clients?

So an affordable web design package does not always only mean cheap in the monetary sense. It means being cost effective, value for money, good quality and meeting the goals you have for your website.

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